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"Awesome lotto software! Definitely one of the best available!"

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Lotto PowerPlayer is an awesome application that helps you choose your lottery numbers based on a very strong analysis and filtering tools that can help you increase your chances of picking better numbers based on statistical data and offers you hundreds of different combinations. This software allows you to track the last winning numbers and can help you generate numbers with a higher probability. Lotto PowerPlayer is filled with loads of features and functions that you can tailor to fit your needs of the lottery games you play on a regular basis. This is definitely my choice of software when it comes to choosing my next lottery numbers!

  • Fully Customizable
  • Great filtering tools
  • Generate hundreds of combinations
  • Updates lastest drawing data
  • Ability to check winning numbers
  • All in one lottery tool!
  • Excellent help manual to get started easily
  • None at this time, love it!

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11 Jun 2013

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